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Plans are now underway for more fundraising for the Youth Trip planned for July. It is confirmed that 4 young people, 2 young children and 3 leaders will head out to Malawi for a time working with the young people out there.While they are there they will spend a fellowship weekend away with some of the youth from the church.

Josephine has returned to Malawi for her last few month working in the school there. She was homme for a short break and catch up with friends and relations. She is a great help to the school in M'Buka, working in the classrooms and also helping with the music.

The successful visit of Pope and Yowass came to an end On Saturday 18th April when they left very early in the morning to return to Malawi. They arrived home safely early on Sunday 19th after the long trip home.

Faithshare visit of Mr Yowass Nkhoma ands Mr Pope Mzumara
23rd March to 17th April
There will be several opportunities to meet our guests during their stay.
29th March Morning Worship at New Deer Church followed by soup lunch
2nd April Communion and Agape Meal at Maud Parish Church 7.30pm. Bring and Share meal
3rd April Good Friday evening Service St Kane's Church 7.30pm
5th April Easter Day Sonrise Service at Culsh Monument7.30am and Morning Worship at Maud Church 10.00am.
10th April 7.00pm Twinning Celebration. Social Evening in the Church Centre. Stovies served at 7.00pm
12th April Morning worship 11.30 am Joint Service with Maud Church at St Kane's led by Twinning Committee.

Twinning -Malawi visit Fundraiser
Table top sale and coffee morning Sat 21st March - 10.00am - 12.30pm in the Church Centre.
Over �£500 was raised from this event toward the Youth visit. Thank you everyone who helped in any way.

Youth Visit
It has now been confirmed that there will be two youth visits during 2015 they will overlap so that on one of the weekends the young people and their leaders will go away on a Fellowship weekend with some from our Twinned Church.
The rest of the time they will be helping in the school.

We are also looking forward to a visit from two members of the church in M'buka, probably in late April.

2014 -
Josephine, one of our members, has gone to Malawi to work for 2 years in the school there - she is thoroughly enjoying the experience, and is grateful for the hospitality of the church family.

TWINNING SERVICE August 31st 2014
Josephine has been home for a short break, and she was present at a service today-showing us videos and giving greetings from M'buka, she had messages from the children and the Twinning group. We also had a special dedication for the Banner which is being sent over, it has been half completed by some ladies form New Deer and Mud, and will be completed in Malawi. Anne, Jan and Josephine had a special dedication as they leave to go to Malawi on Thursday.
The Church was full as this was a joint service with our friends from Maud & Savoch, we enjoyed singing from Deirdre Campbell Shaw who is a great granddaughter of Rev William Cowie who was a former minister at Maud church. After the service we had soup and sweet in the church centre

We are hoping that some of our late teens youth will be able to make a visit in 2015 and are currently Fund Raising towards that.
The Banner
The Banner

Faithshare visit of Fred Thomson and Salome Jere September 9th - October 1st 2013.

St Kane's Church, New Deer
Faithshare visit of Fred Thomson and Salome Jere
From M'buka CCAP, Lilongwe, Malawi
9th - 30th September 2013

The twinning committee invite you to join in the following events and meet our guests

Wednesday 11th September 7.30 in Mustard Seed Cafe
Meet and Greet Salome & Fred

Come along and give our Malawian brother and sister a warm North East Scotland welcome As they will need it if the weather turns cooler!
Tea & coffee will be served and a special Welcome cake will be shared at this informal evening. Come along and bring your friends

Tuesday 17th September at 7.30pm, Church Centre

Talk & presentation
by Rob Denning and his wife Gwen
of Aberdeen Street Pastors

Aberdeen Street Pastors vision is that we would be a people who listen, care and help. We don't have all the answers to life's issues and challenges but we want to play our part within the city to help make it a more peaceful place

Sunday 22nd September at 10am
Joint Service at Maud Church

No service at St Kane's that day

Come and share fellowship at Maud at this joint service followed by tea & coffee & a fine piece!

If you need transport contact Sandra Jackson on 01771 644558 or 07761285613
Thursday 26th September at 7.30pm
Talk and presentation by FROM Scotland
Organised by St Kane's Guild

The purpose of F.R.O.M. Scotland is to raise money for projects in Malawi. They have transported parcels for us to our twinned congregation in Lilongwe Malawi

Fundraising to improve the lives of the people in several villages in the Chikwawa area in the south of Malawi. All the money raised is used by Dr Tracy Morse, project manager of the University of Strathclyde Scotland Malawi Health Initiative to provide many of the basic necessities required to help save lives and improve the quality of life for the villagers but especially for the many orphans. F.R.O.M.Scotland has no administration costs here or in Malawi
For details contact Wilma Elphinstone 01771 644673

Saturday 28th September at 7pm, Church Centre
Farewell event

Come along to say goodbye to our new friends the evening will start with 45 minutes of worship followed by light refreshments and then a second half of entertainment with a Scottish flavour ending up with a few Ceilidh favourites and a final blessing
Please come along and share this final evening of fellowship

Sunday 29th at 11.30am in St Kane's Church
Final service All Age service with our Malawian friends

Join with our whole church family at our final church service to celebrate our twinning and all the things that UNITE us in Christ

Sunday 29th at 7pm in Church Centre

Another chance to take part in this peaceful and contemplative exercise of casting off all the things which hold us back and going forward to be the people God wants us to be. Highly recommended!

For information contact Anne Melia 01771 643917

Jan has made presentations at St Kane's, and we now know how we can support each other as Twinned Churches.

St Kane's Church New Deer has recently Twinned with M'Buka CCAP of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod in Malawi, and following the visit of Pastor Paul to Malawi at the end of last year, we were delighted that the return visit of Rev Vasco Kachipapa Banda and his Session Clerk Johnny Kunkhanda to New Deer took place from 10th - 20th May when they left to go to Edinburgh to visit the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland before returning home on the 23rd. While they were here they stayed with host families and met the wider congregation at several other events!

Rev Vasco preached at the morning services on May 10th and 17th both at Maud and Savoch and New Deer. They very much enjoyed the Scottish evening when the were entertained by a Piper, some Highland dancing and some traditional Folk music, as well as joining in with some ceilidh dances. During the evening they sampled some stovies.

Recently Jan Sanders, a member of our link church, Maud and Savoch, went to Malawi for six weeks. She had an amazing time, and was well looked after by the church members . She visited the Guild and Sunday Schools, also several hospital and schools.

Rev Vasco has now ,moved to another church and Jan was invited to the leaving and welcome services both very moving.